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by Bad Songs Done Quick

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Hey Baby I got no time to waste The clock is ticking There goes the day The sun is setting behind the clouds If you wanna stay you better say it now Don't be paralyzed by what you can't undo Or I'll spend my life waiting for you
I see you looking like chocolate cake You spy my wheels Yes, these doughnuts are glazed So step inside, my sweet And cut me off a slice Come with me and I'll give you a taste Of what it's like to be sugar filled and amazed By all the pies inside my ride as I escape In my dessert bus And it's rolling around It's the dessert bus Driving all over town Giving to anyone in need Of a little something extra sweet Hey Sugar Can you lighten my load This cake is hot By which I mean I stole it From the muffin man that lives on Drury Lane
MON EL 01:19
My childhood was out of this world The place of my birth Was one thousand years away Most people can't suplex a train So now I must abstain From displaying my strength today I thought I was the only one in the world Who could do things like this Jumping up and over the Eiffel tower Ask me "do I lift?" How about the golden gate? How about the empire state? You don't wanna mess with me! And it was that way until you fell Down to earth and made me lose myself Or the part of my I thought was mine alone Until the day we met Mon El
Skit-skit skit-skit Skiddadle You're up a creek about to get a paddling Rolling and rambling around in this town Ain't it 'bout time you just got out? Go home to your hate filled zone The boards you troll where you stay unknown Take your tiki torch Hit the road Crawl your hole and stay there! No I don't want to hug it out I wanna scream and shout I want to tear this shit apart I won't give no second chance Because I will hit you back And we can call it a good start


Written and Recorded in 8 hours on Nov 12-13, 2019


released November 13, 2019


all rights reserved



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