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Fail Fast

by Bad Songs Done Quick

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Fail Fast 02:08
How did we get where we are today? We tried and failed every step of the way Every obstacle we had to solve Or fail until we began to evolve Nature is a teacher Nature's an enabler While you chase success I'll be chasing failure 'cause I Fail fast Kick ass while you're doing it Now you're doing it Fail fast Don't look back while you're doing it Now you're doing it
Storm Chaser 01:56
I'm looking for trouble I'm looking to tussle I cooking up something to flex on you all So check out these muscles Been at it for a days I'm set to amaze I'm setting ablaze Paul Bunyan I'm twenty foot tall And I'm chasing the storm Beyond every norm How could you be rude to the poor before? I'm a storm chaser All my bad behaviour means that Trouble is where I'm at I used to live safely But the world has gone crazy So now I'm storming out of the traps
Somedays you need someone to take the blame Somewhere to point the finger and complain Someone that you can setup for a fall Somebody else who will shoulder it all I've gotten good at always being wrong I'll be your patsy if that's what you want That is a service that I can provide When you need someone that will take a dive Blame it on me Yeah I'll take the credit upon me Yeah I will accept it if you need Someone to railroad or Send up a creek Blame it on me
You’ll breath out What I breath in A bit of both of us is in the wind You’ll drink a drop I drank before Back and forth and back and forth Forevermore Why do we do The things we do? To hydrogenate our CO2 And when we go Back to the soil We’ll keep it till they dig us up as oil Carbon Dioxide Death Trap We were not meant to stay Carbon Dioxide Death Trap Entropy goes one way


Written and Recorded January 2019 with the following stipulations:
- All titles provided by Altair
- New music released every day
- All songs must contain electric guitar


released January 31, 2019


all rights reserved



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