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Bad Songs Done Quick: Season 1

by Bad Songs Done Quick

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Use Storm! 01:17
Can I write a song with a tool assist And make it something you'd applaud that I won't deep-six? 'Cause I'm a fickle bitch and I must admit to you that I'mma give it up if it ain't commin' quick Yeah... Is it doping? I mean, it's dope as shit! (At least it might be something better than the grocery list) It fell right out my fingers onto the page And I was jammin' unhindered with no delays Oh yeah. So henceforth I'll use Storm! When I wanna rhyme but haven't got the time I'll use Storm! When I need a word but no time to search I'll use Storm! When I record extemporaneous shit.
I can't get no sleep at night I keep asking myself why That there are so many types Of cucumbers preserved in brine? Are you jerkin' with me still? Because there's gherkins and there's dilll and Polish and the German kind It's nice to see them side-by-side Polskie Ogórki What is in a name? Polskie Ogórki Are pickles all the same? No guts and no glory No forty winks for me Because Polskie will never let me be "Bread and Butter"? Listen mutha' Hubbard You can't trick my 'buds 'cause I stacked my cupboards With the snack that keeps and every day I weep because there's JUST SO DAMN MANY PICKLES TO EAT!!!11
Stand Up 02:05
It's dark outside I wonder why? The smoke is rising in the sky Is there a fire? Where should I run? You think that I should tell someone But then it is my problem now Maybe it's best I shut my mouth Wait my turn Sit my ass on down Stand Up! If you want to be counted Stand Up! If you want to be heard Stand up! If the shit going down gets any worse
Desperado 02:42
I am a wanted man A dozen bangers dead at my hands The cartel was on the run Until I tripped and dropped the gun It went off... You were my blushing bride You looked me deeply in the eyes And said a prayer aloud To bring me back And now I am a... Desperado Yo quiero To have you by my side I was hunted Now I'm haunting You after I died You promised "In sickness and in health" Death is neither so I cannot help myself
Condensate 02:19
Hey baby come groove on my wavelength Excluding my principals gives you the vapours As we start a new phase Helium-4 at a critical point will make you superfluid And now that we're neighbours We'll start to condensate You can't stay from me when we start to resonate It's getting cold in here Despite the atmosphere I want to have you near but Closer. Closer. When we transition phase And share our quantum state: Bose-Einstein condensate Closer. Closer.
Superdense 01:47
Oh man it's good to be home I missed the shape of my throne I'd never pull the wool over your eyes I took you all by surprise You thought my words they were lies But they were made of solid gold Be... Because you've got to know I got a bullshit flow It's Superdense It's Superdense And when you go high Well I go low I'm Superdense I'm Superdense
Night Crew 02:11
You might of seen me on the road When you were wending your way home You never stop to say hello Doing 60 in the zone You could have caught me in your lights While I was working overnight You'll never hear me once complain Listen close and I will say I'll be working on a night crew baby yeah you shouldn't be scared I'm on a night crew baby and we're doing repairs I kinda like you maybe you had been unaware I'll work it right through ladies so don't you despair I'm on a night crew For you Oh Yeah
Did you hear about Richard Gere? Countrymen, lend me your ears Let me tell you something salacious Racy news can race the truth Faster than one can deduce a fact from a lie Tell me something outrageous! Just add impure conjecture And you can say whatever You want and it'll travel fast Just take a saucy detail And add it to an email But leave the context unattached
Flesh Trauma 01:54
Around ten-to-three I hear you calling me and I know that something's going down and I wanna know Are you all in one piece? Was there and accident? And are you ok? And she said "Yeah, I'm calling to say it's over." Oh... At least it's not flesh trauma? You left me with my heart in my hands and with blood on my sleeve You left me there without any pants when you asked me to leave It's so mean but at least it's not FLESH TRAUMAAAAAAAAAAAA!!
Aren't you tired of this party? Aren't you tired of this meet-cute? The party people walking in their meat suits Aren't you tired of your body? Don't you wanna make a copy? Give me your soul You know I won't delete you [from my] Aren't you tired of the real world? Then you better come with me girl Back to my lab What is your size of headband? Leave it all behind you When I digitize you Now please hold still while I begin the mind scan to my Brain Catalog Reject the analog Forget the body mods you won't need them In my Brain Catalog You know it won't be long Until your corporeal form completes them Aren'tcha tired of eatin and sleepin' and shittin' and breathin' and fuckin' and suckin' and gettin' all old and gettin' all swole and losin' control of your bowels?
I've been an A plus student since the day I was born I was precocious, ferocious, and I always performed Until the day that I was handed the results of a test: 80 percent! Now my life is a mess I was setting the curve, now I'm part of the pack I wonder whether I will ever get it back I was Principals's List, now I'm Honor Roll Is this the way it feels like to be getting old? Because F is for Failure D stands for Dumb-ass C is for Carelessly daydreaming in class B is for Bad because it isn't good enough Who knew dealing with Bs would ever be this tough?
I overcame an overwhelming force My rocket ship is calling all aboard Throw out the airbags Where we are going we don't need roads no more To eternity from here Screaming through the atmosphere We screwed up the planet we cannot go back to and Now we are at it again Our race is a race to the end So up, up and away Up and out To the Stars like dust around us Up and away Up and out It's time to leave our home abandoned Up and away Up and out To the Stars like dust around us Up and away Up and out To where the other Earth's abound


Written and Recorded Mar - Sep 2018
* All titles provided by Altair
* Each song composed, recorded, and released in a single session
* No guitars were harmed in the making of this album


released September 15, 2018


all rights reserved



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